About Us


Sometime in the late 2000s, a band of veteran youth work practitioners got together and expressed a felt need for a movement to help distinguish youth work as a distinctive practice. There was no comprehensive training programme that prepared individuals to serve as youth workers. Neither was there professional recognition or accreditation available to certify those in the youth work sector.

Discussions with relevant government agencies and focus group meetings with youth workers and leaders then ensued. In September 2011, through funding secured from the then Workforce Development Agency, Dr Trudi Cooper, a professor from Edith Cowan University, Australia, spent a few days consulting and advising on the setting up of a youth work association. In March 2012, the Youth Work Association (Singapore) was formally registered as a society with the Registry of Societies.

The ten founding members of the society are:

  1. John K E Tan
  2. Wang Kim Meng
  3. Nicholas Lim
  4. Roland Yeow
  5. Adelyn Poh
  6. Sharifah Sakinah
  7. Evina Subani
  8. Lee Seng Meng
  9. Dennis Lee
  10. Ahmad Khushairi

Current Membership Committee

No Name Position
1 Dr John K E Tan President
2 Dr Roland Yeow Vice-President
3 Mr Nicholas Gabriel Lim Secretary
4 Mr Lee Seng Meng Treasurer
5 Mr Wang Kim Meng Committee Member
6 Mr Sean Kong Committee Member
7 Dr Jiow Hee Jhee Committee Member
8 Ms Anita Low Committee Member
9 Ms Cynthia Chng Committee Member
10 Ms Iris Lin Committee Member
11 Mr Amos Ng Committee Member
12 Mr Tony Leong Committee Member
13 Mr Izhar Roslan Co-opted Member
14 Mr John Teen Co-opted Member
15 Ms Phoebe Ng Co-opted Member
16 Mr Joe Chan Co-opted Member



As a registered society, YWAS is governed by a Constitution. For a copy of the document, click here.

Organizational Relationships

As part of YWAS’ advocacy aims, we are connected to other organizations, not only locally but globally as well.

NTUC U Associates
Commonwealth Alliance of Youth Workers’ Associations (CAYWA)