Registry Of Youth Work Supervisors

Initiated by the Social Service SkillsFuture Tripartite Taskforce (STT) Youth Work Sub Team, the Registry of Youth Work Supervisors is set up to coordinate qualified supervisors for youth work practitioners. Supervisors listed in the Registry can use the title of Registered Youth Work Supervisor (RYWS).

Eligibility Criteria To Be Registered Youth Work Supervisor:

  • At least 5 years of youth work practice, with at least 1 year of supervisory experience
  • Degree/Post Graduate Diploma in Social Work, Psychology, Sociology, Counselling, Education or Certification in Youth Work
  • Minimum 40 hours of training/practice in supervision
  • Registered member of Youth Work Association Singapore (YWAS)

Registration as a Youth Work Supervisor is valid for 3 years with a one-time admin fee of $30.

If you are keen to register as a Youth Work Supervisor, please apply at:

Or scan the QR code as follow:

If you ae seeking supervision for Youth Work, we strongly encourage that you choose someone that is registered with the Registry of Youth Work Supervisors.

YWAS Register of Youth Work Supervisors (as at January 2022)

RYWS NoNameContactArea of Speciality
RS21-01Roger Ong chairman@bilbycdl.comCounselling, Mentoring, Personality Profiling
RS21-02Sasikumar s/o Youth
RS21-03Tony Experiential-based Interventions
RS21-04John K E Tanjohn@care.sgYouth Suicide Prevention, Mentoring, Positive Youth Development
RS21-05Lena Teo lena@care.sgCounselling, Psychology
RS21-06Jacqueline Chanjacqueline@care.sgCounselling
RS21-07Suria bte Basrisuria@care.sgCounselling, Social Work, Family Work
RS21-08Nur Faezah bte Safaruannurfaezah@care.sgCounselling
RS21-09Derek Chanderek@care.sgSchool-based Youth Work
RS21-10Jerome Yeojerome@care.sgCounselling, Psychology
RS21-11Ignatius John Kohignatius@care.sgPsychology, Youth Social Work
RS21-12Shafik Saidshafik@care.sgSchool-based Youth Work
RS21-13Benjamin Yeo Sen Sonbenjaminyeo@fycs.orgStreet Outreach Work, Positive Youth Development Programme
RS21-14Thiew Min & Development
RS21-15Joyce Lim Wan, Volunteer Management
RS21-16Keith Barak Mentoring, Social Media Engagement
RS21-17Edwin Mentoring, Youth Drop-In (Consultancy)
RS21-18Joe Chanjoe@coachjoechan.comSolution Focused Coaching
RS21-19Derrick Youth Rehabilitation Work
RS21-20Lee Community Development and Work
RS21-21David Youth Mentoring
RS21-22Lee Seng Group Work, Social Work Interventions, Programme Development
RS21-23Wu Mei School Social Work
RS21-24Ng Cher Clinical and Family Therapy, Supervision of Supervision
RS21-25Luen Wai Sum, School Social Work
RS21-26Nur Fadhli Bin Group Work
RS21-27Lim Wan-Li, School Social Work, Supervision of Supervision
RS21-28Wang Peishan, Family Therapy, Casework, Youth Diversionary Programmes
RS21-29Zhuang School Social Work, Youth Diversionary Programmes
RS21-30Ang Kai Casework and Counselling
RS21-31Ho Min Choo, School Absenteeism
RS21-32Koh Casework and Counselling
RS21-33Ong Jie Wen, Programme Development
RS21-34Eric Sng Shi Service Planning, Youth Diversionary Programmes
RS21-35Jason Tan Hock Groupwork, Positive Youth Development
RS21-36Elaine Tan Shi Casework and Counselling
RS21-37Tan Shu Casework and Counselling
RS21-38Charmaine Tan Shu School Social Work, Programme Development
RS21-39Nicholas Gabriel Neuro-behavioural interventions
RS21-40Anita Cyber wellness; Youth mental health; Family education; Programme design, monitoring & evaluation
RS21-41Goh Boon Children, Youths & Families
RS21-42Wilson Tan Kay Children, Youths & Families
RS21-43Too Seng Children, Youths & Families
RS21-44Doris Yap Lay, Youths & Families
RS21-45Low Yi Youth Mentoring, Youths-at-Risk & Ex-offenders, Program Design & Delivery
RS21-46Edmund Chong Kah Phoonkahphoon@gmail.comChoice Theory; Reality Therapy
RS21-47Muhammad Erwin bin Children-at-Risk; Troubled youths & families; School social work
RS21-48Lim Jia Group Work
RS21-49Cayden Woo Chi Trauma, Child Protection
RS21-50Franz Loh Offenders Guidance Order
RS21-52 Chee Thow Wei Liat Drop-In Service
RS21-53 Muhammad Taha Bin Hussein Drop-In Service

For arrangement of supervision and fees payable, please contact the supervisors directly.